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Innovative tools and technology that are Advancing Lives Forward® for Global Mobility and HR Teams Worldwide.
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Technology is critical to every successful relocation, which is why we built and still maintain our proprietary platform in-house. Our technology provides you with the best possible service, ensuring your data is secure, delivering year-over-year cost savings, and triggering proactive workflows during each relocation’s critical moments.

Client Tools

Our technology doesn’t replace people, it allows for more communication. Our team has built our technology in-house to the needs of our specific clients.


Transferee Tools

Technology powers your business and makes communication a breeze. That’s why we created a portal specifically for relocating employees.

Our clients need to know their information is always secure and that WHR is prepared for any potential threats. To ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of its IT systems and associated assets (hardware, software, and data), WHR maintains an information security program aligned to Federal Government Standards:

  • Implementation of protocols as laid out by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB)
  • Formal FISMA / NIST 800-53 based cyber security program
  • Annual SOC 1® Type 2
  • Annual third-party risk assessments
  • Employee training and testing to improve our resilience to phishing and external threats
  • GDPR compliant
  • Privacy Shield certified (EU and Swiss)
  • Client audits and assessments
Free to all clients, WHR Insights provides interactive data visualizations which are embedded into the WHR Client Portal. Mobility and HR teams now have instant access to a series of relocation dashboards that refresh nightly with new data, hand-crafted to fit your program, policy, and benefits offerings.
WHR Group Employee Relocation
SimpleMove® is a technology platform for relocations throughout the United States! Whether you’re moving yourself through the free public site, or relocating employees with an enterprise-level SimpleMove® tier, SimpleMove® helps you and your employees find services you need from our highest-rated providers, all at discounted rates.

Move Management Platform (MMP®)

Through MMP®, WHR’s network of carriers can “pull” moves rather than having moves forcibly pushed to them.

All carriers in WHR’s network share a passion for customer service and thanks to WHR’s independent ownership and operation, all moves are awarded to the best carrier based on price, service, availability, transit time, and insurance claims percentage.

Event Management System

EMS is a just-in-time messaging system that proactively sends event notifications, pulse surveys, informational videos, and other tips to your employees at critical moments during their relocations and assignments.

By asking simple yes and no, thumbs-up and thumbs-down questions, WHR’s survey response rate has increased significantly to 66%. This allows WHR to proactively manage issues during critical moments and create promoters within your relocation program so your employees are more likely to accept another assignment or recommend relocating to a colleague.

More about our Technology
Our security is based on industry standard defense concepts that provide many layers of security: Personnel Security

  • All WHR Group employees are trained annually on business ethics, privacy, and security
  • Background and criminal checks are conducted where allowed by law, with additional screening available

Access Management

  • We employ the Principle of Least Privilege as well as segregation of duties
  • User accounts including privileged access is formally reviewed on a monthly basis
  • Two-factor authentication for all employees

Infrastructure Security

  • Data is encrypted at rest and in transmission
  • Defense in-depth strategy utilizing a tiered infrastructure with firewalls, IPS, DMZ and endpoint security
  • Endpoints are locked down, encrypted, and individually authenticated to the internal network ensuring only approved devices can connect
  • Centralized and secured data center including redundant power backup with generator, fire suppression, and environmental controls
  • Robust logging and proactive 24/7 monitoring using a Security Information and Event Management platform (SIEM)
  • Multitier Vulnerability Management Program

Continuing Operations

  • Encrypted backups with onsite and redundant offsite storage facilities
  • Formal business continuity plan with annual disaster recovery testing


  • Formal FISMA / NIST 800-53 based cybersecurity program
  • Annual SOC 1® Type 2
  • Annual third-party risk assessments
  • Employee training and testing to improve our resilience to phishing and external threats
  • GDPR compliant
  • Privacy Shield certified (EU and Swiss)
  • Client audits and assessments
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