Optimizing the Moving Process

WHR Global utilizes a virtual bid board, so carriers can view both from and to locations. This means, no more empty trucks!

Facilitating Client-Carrier Relationships

Our proven partners, global carriers with verified customer satisfaction, and competitive pricing are accessible via MMP.  Key metrics such as service, cost, and claims then can be met consistently.

Best Dedicated Crews for Service Compliance

Best-in-Class Pricing Structure

for all household goods moves.

Claims & transportation costs drop, while service satisfaction increases

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Do the move companies get access to all available moves?

Yes, each move company creates a unique portal.  Once a new move is available, each portal user receives an email notification of the move as well as the move appearing on the bid page in real-time.

Can the companies choose to opt out of certain locations?

Yes, each move company can de-select States according to their preferences.  If an East-Coast mover is not interested in receiving any notifications about a California move, they can de-select California to be taken off of the list for that specific location.

What are the benefits to using WHR’s Move Management Platform?

There are many benefits to using WHR’s Move Management Platform including cost savings, ease of use, and standard pricing.  On top of that, the idea behind the model is a “pull” model instead of a “push” model.  We want our move companies to submit their availability on a move that makes sense for them.  By doing so, we feel that they have a better chance to provide quality service.  If a move company is just randomly assigned a move without a chance to say yes or no, the quality of service could be impacted.

What has MMP® achieved for our clients?

Fewer Overall Claims

Increased Cost Savings

Better Service

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