Optimizing the Moving Process

WHR Global utilizes a virtual bid board, so carriers can view both from and to locations. This means, no more empty trucks!

Facilitating Client-Carrier Relationships

Our proven partners, global carriers with verified customer satisfaction, and competitive pricing are accessible via MMP.  Key metrics such as service, cost, and claims then can be met consistently.

Best Dedicated Crews for Service Compliance

Best-in-Class Pricing Structure

for all household goods moves.

Claims & transportation costs drop, while service satisfaction increases

WHR Global Move Management Platform (MMP®) Video

MMP Video Transcript

As the global economy becomes more interconnected, moving companies are seeing a higher number of international shipments. Add to that a shortage of talent, and you’ll see relocations on the rise, which means more volume for household goods carriers. Are they ready?

You should know that all carriers operate on a limited amount of equipment and resources.

You should also know that when a move is assigned during peak season, the carrier will either reject the work or accept the move. Even if a carrier accepts a move, there is a risk they don’t have the proper equipment and resources to handle that move. This can be referred to as a “push” model, in other words, forcibly pushing or assigning moves to a specific carrier.

This “push” model can result in:

-late pickups and deliveries,

-increased insurance claim rates, and

-undocumented or untrained crews to make up for the lack of resources.

WHR Global streamlines your work. Combining common sense technology with a passion for better service, we’ve optimized the moving process so your employees and budgets will all benefit.  

We call it our Move Management Platform, or MMP.

MMP centers around a virtual bid board. Every move opportunity presented by WHR Global is displayed on the board.

Carriers can take shipments based on the locations of their crews and trucks across the country at that specific point in time. This maximizes the amount of truck space used resulting in lower bids, and cost savings to your organization.  

Through MMP, WHR’s network of carriers can “pull” moves rather than having moves forcibly pushed to them.

All carriers in WHR’s network share a passion for customer service and thanks to WHR’s independent ownership and operation, all moves are awarded to the best carrier based on price, service, availability, transit time, and insurance claims percentage.

With MMP, you’ll see your claims and transportation costs drop and your employee satisfaction increase.

At WHR Global, we’ve provided relocation services with a human touch since 1995, focused on one goal: Advancing > Lives > Forward ® for our clients and their transferees.


Do the move companies get access to all available moves?

Yes, each moving company creates a unique portal.  Once a new move is available, each portal user receives an email notification of the move as well as the move appearing on the bid page in real-time. Our Move Management Platform or MMP, centers around a virtual bid board. WHR Global curates all opportunities on the board.

Can the companies choose to opt out of certain locations?

Yes, each moving company can de-select States according to their preferences.  If an East-Coast mover is not interested in receiving any notifications about a California move, they can de-select California to be taken off the list for that specific location. With MMP, we aim to curate the best possible match for all involved parties in the relocation process.

What are the benefits to using WHR’s Move Management Platform?

There are many benefits to using WHR’s Move Management Platform (MMP) including cost savings, ease of use, and standard pricing.  On top of that, the idea behind the model is a “pull” model instead of a “push” model.  We want our move companies to submit their availability on a move that makes sense for them.  By doing so, we feel that they have a better chance to provide quality service.  If a move company is just randomly assigned a move without a chance to say yes or no, the quality of service could be impacted.

 All WHR’s moves are given to the best price, service, availability, transit time, and insurance claims percentage. We know your employee satisfaction will increase by using MMP. WHR’s relocation services are only enhanced with MMP and we look forward to showing you the benefits.

What has MMP® achieved for our clients?

Fewer Overall Claims

Increased Cost Savings

Better Service

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