Frequently Asked Questions

Who is WHR Global (WHR)?

WHR is a private employee relocation management company that partners with human resources, travel divisions, and global mobility departments at a wide variety of organizations from Fortune 100 corporations to the U.S. Government.

Since our founding, WHR has remained a solely and independently owned business with no changes in ownership. WHR’s global headquarters is in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, and our international offices are in Switzerland, and Singapore.

How long has WHR been providing relocation services?

WHR was established in 1994.

What services does WHR offer?

WHR provides clients a wide range of services including the following:

U.S. & Canada Domestic Employee Relocation Services to Transferees

Employee Policy Counseling & Needs Assessment; Home Sale Assistance; Expense Management & Administration; Lump Sum Calculations; Mortgage Assistance; Household Goods Moving; Temporary Housing & Interim Services; Destination Counseling; Direct Bill Closing Costs & Mortgage Subsidy Administration; Lease Cancellation Services; Spousal Career Assistance; and Pre-Decision Trip/Area Overviews.

International Employee Relocation Services to Transferees

Expense Management & Allowance Payment in Local Currencies; Tax Service; Immigration Service Assignment and Tracking; Pre-Decision Trips & Area Overviews; Destination Service Assignment; Language & Culture Training; Spousal Assistance; Household Goods & Freight Forwarding; Temporary Housing & Interim Services; Home Sale Assistance; Tenancy Management; Lease Cancellation Services; Destination Purchase or Rental Assistance; Ongoing Assignment Support; and Repatriation.

What technology is available to clients?

Built in-house, WHR’s proprietary technology will manage every aspect of the relocation process. Our technology includes both a client and employee (transferee) portal available on both desktop and mobile applications.

Who uses WHR for relocation services?

We partner with human resources, travel divisions, and global mobility departments at a wide variety of organizations from Fortune 100 corporations to the U.S. Government. Organizations contract with WHR as their Relocation Management Company (RMC) to work with relocating employees.

In what countries can WHR coordinate services?

With offices in the U.S. (covering North America, Central America, and South America); Switzerland (covering Europe, Middle East, and Africa); and Singapore (covering Asia-Pacific), WHR provides services in virtually every country around the globe.   

What makes WHR so great?

First to staff offices 7 days per week:

  • 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. weekends.
  • Offering 24/7/365 availability to our transferees and clients.

First to have a no voicemail policy during business hours:

  • WHR staff is always available to resolve issues as they come up.
  • This practice has resulted in a 96% first call resolution rating.

First to send Mid-Process, End-of-Process and Real-Time Surveys to transferees:

  • Mid-Process & Real-Time Surveys gives WHR the ability to identify and address potential issues early.
  • End-of-Process Surveys provide invaluable feedback on how we can constantly improve.

First relocation company to utilize NPS (Net Promoter Score) to measure client and transferee loyalty. NPS is utilized by two-thirds of Fortune 1000 companies:

  • At a +80 rating for transferees and +100 client rating, WHR ranks higher than Apple, Nordstrom’s, Starbucks, and Netflix.
  • Provides actionable feedback and immediate insights into process improvements.

First to offer household goods partners a moving process called MMP® that allows household goods carriers to self-select moves they can manage to their equipment and labor supply:

  • Drives service ratings upward
  • Provides cost efficiency
  • Reduces claims

Year over year transferee satisfaction scores of 4.8 out of 5, equating to a 98% overall transferee satisfaction rate.

100% overall client satisfaction scores.


  • Top Workplace Winner by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for 9 consecutive years, 2014-2022.
  • A Top Relocation Service Provider as recognized by the HRO Baker’s Dozen.

100% transparency on all fees and pass-through expenses:

  • All documentation is digitally stored and accessible to clients.
  • Absolutely no mark-ups from 3rd party suppliers to enhance WHR revenue.

We act as a fiduciary to our clients as we have no other related businesses to feed.

Proprietary, built in-house relocation technology that provides customized reporting, predictive workflows, and flexibility to meet all client needs.

Who do you use in your global supply chain?

WHR is 100% independently owned and operated. We do not have any formal affiliations or partner networks that would require us to do direct business with them.

Our supply chain is based on performance metrics including experience in their specialty, financial stability, service history, technology capability, adherence to privacy requirements, and references. All providers in our network undergo a rigorous interview process so that we can ascertain their knowledge, reputation, and experience within the market. WHR’s in-house Team monitors all suppliers and ensures they remain in compliance with the standards that we and our clients have set. Additionally, we use transferee survey feedback to gauge the success of our suppliers and to determine all future work assignments.

Our fully vetted provider network includes the following:

  • Full-service van lines
  • Self-haul movers
  • Container movers
  • Auto shippers
  • Mortgage lenders
  • Real estate agents
  • Discard and donate services
  • Furniture rental
  • Pet transportation
  • Dual-career assistance
  • Immigration providers
  • Tax assistance and compliance
  • Destination service providers
  • Language and cultural assistance

Who do I talk to about utilizing your services?

We’d love to hear from you! Click here for ways to contact WHR.