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About Us

We are a Relocation Management Company that lives by a passion for Advancing Lives Forward®
and Making the Complex Simple


WHR Global is a relocation management company that has been a leader in the global mobility industry since 1994. Our company is dedicated to Advancing > Lives > Forward® for employers and their employees.

We are a private company founded on the industry needs to offer cost-effective relocation benefits without compromising empathy, ethics, or service. This belief forms the basis of our “high-tech, human-touch” business model.  A blend of modern relocation technology with a highly trained, dedicated team of relocation experts driven by quality.

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WHR Global's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report

WHRG's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report

We are committed to higher standards for ourselves and our supply chain. Read more on how we provide the best possible solutions that work for your global mobility program and our planet. 🌏

Core Values


Our Office Locations

HQ – Pewaukee, WI

Basel, Switzerland
+41 (800) 562837

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Mission & Values

Our Business Philosophy

To uphold our reputation and commitment to quality by remaining true to our corporate mission and founding values:

  • Our Mission: To be the innovator in the relocation space known for excellent service and concrete results.
  • Our Values: Our five core values guide who we hire and trust to work with our clients and their transferees. WHR employees must be empathetic, trustworthy, proactive, hardworking, and results-driven.


WHR Global is dedicated to preserving a sustainable future for generations to come. Our goal is to operate and relocate employees in a socially responsible manner while being cognizant of our own environmental impact and partnering with sustainable companies who are united in this belief.  WHR Global is committed to our worldwide community. 

Our Resources

See how we work to achieve our mission of becoming a relocation innovator by checking out the WHR Global Blog, full of helpful articles, or the Relocation Toolbox, filled with insightful downloads.


A proven track record of unmatched quality.

We were founded on a promise to provide relocation services with an unmatched level of quality. By fulfilling this commitment, we have expanded our expertise as a relocation management company with significant numbers of employees for our clients annually. Our track record includes serving Fortune 500 global organizations and U.S. government agencies, with relocations ranging from hundreds to thousands of employees per year. 


No Voicemail Policy

You and your employees will always reach someone when they call during office hours.



Mid-Process and End of Process surveys to ensure 100% satisfaction of your employee’s relocation experience.

First Call Resolution

You and your employees never have to wait for the answers to your questions.

Proprietary Technology

Our proprietary relocation technology, built in house, can be customized to meet your every need.

Real Estate Licensure

Required real estate salesperson licensure for all U.S. Domestic-facing Relocation Counselors, provided by WHR Global.

Two Person Teams

By implementing a two-person counseling team, we offer higher attention to detail, better communication, and lower file counts ensuring a positive employee experience.