Not all Employee Relocation Management Companies perform the same way. WHR Group, Inc. (WHR) knows no borders when relocating government or corporate clients, and we acknowledge the complexity of moving global workforces every year. Any experienced relocation management company should have comprehensive resources and strategies in place across moving zones. They should also ensure they have a network of relocation partners across the states, countries, and even continents to warrant a customized moving experience for clients’ transferees. It is vital, in this competitive market of relocation business, that an Employee Relocation Management Company should collaborate with other companies and develop a networking system to warrant a hassle-free move for their clients.

However, there are several strategies and tips that a Relocation Company can work on to achieve better collaboration with their partners. Here are tips for facilitating better collaboration between the relocation partners across the network.

Developing A Global Model

The world has become a global village and developing a model that focuses on offering the best localized experience is crucial. The concept should be to go global and offer an experience with short-time assignees, localized expatriates, and permanent transfers that is uniquely suited for today’s varied assignments and mobility models.

Getting a 360 Degree View

It is vital to have all the resources on the ground to get a complete view of the relocation process and develop the strategy. The best way to ensure that collaboration yields the best result for your company and your clients is by selecting destination partners carefully and training them per your requirement. Finding local experts can also assist with having a complete view of the process.


When you act as the most trusted advisor in relocation for your clients and their transferees, developing a system with your logistic partners across the board that warrants transparency is critical. With the latest technology and software available at your disposal, utilize them to have a centralized information system that allows your partners to be fully informed about the procedures and get a well-rounded view of how assignments are handled.

Group Management

Meet with your team and networking partners to ensure that strategic planning is being implemented throughout the process. Regular checks and balances and following industry best practices are essential to offering good client service. Ensure all rules and regulations are being followed by all the partners, all the time.

The Move Management Platform (MMP)

While any relocation company can follow the above tips, MMP is exclusive to WHR. The technology provides cost-savings and fewer claims. Using technology like MMP, companies can save time and money, as well as gain efficiency.

When you follow these tips with your relocation network partners, it will help you to increase the overall productivity and the customer base. Clients look for a smooth moving experience, and when you forge a good partnership with your networking team, you can guarantee a hassle-free experience to your clients.


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