When moving internationally, one of the biggest decisions your employees will have to make is whether to ship their personal belongings to their new location or buy new after the move.

For employees wanting to ship their belongings, there are some things to consider:

  • Customs requirements in the departure and destination countries
  • The size of their shipment
  • Shipping options available
  • How the selected shipping option affects delivery timeframes

Similar to a U.S. relocation, international movers will pack an employee’s goods themselves, as the mov­ers are trained experts in evaluating items for international freight and making sure no items are includ­ed that violate customs. This could cause major delays in delivery. Detailed inventory forms need to be completed for both customs and insurance purposes. It’s important for your employees to complete these forms in a timely manner to avoid delays or penalties.


Types of International Shipments

Air Shipments

Air shipments are for smaller containers shipped via air. The shipments typically have a shorter tran­sit time of 1 – 2 weeks. Air containers are ideal for personal items needed shortly after arrival in the new location, such as clothes and children’s toys.

There are two main types of air containers: D containers and LDN containers, which are both pre-built containers:

  • D containers are ideal for the essential be- longings of individuals or smaller families
  • LDN containers are more typical for larg- er families, or for those not planning to transport goods via sea as well
Sea Freight

Depending on destination location, many interna­tional moves require the use of sea shipments. Sea shipments are ideal for larger shipments but have transit times of anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Transit times are impacted by customs and practices of both the departure country and the destination country. Freight containers are metal and come in three main sizes: 20 ft., 40 ft., and 40 ft. high capacity containers:

  • 20 ft. containers are ideal for 2 – 3 bed-rooms, or individuals and small families
  • 40 ft. containers are most ideal for 4 – 5 bedrooms, or larger families with children

The moving company will conduct a visit at the employee’s home to determine which shipping option and container size is ideal for each situation.

How WHR Group Can Help

WHR Group works with a network of international movers that specialize in packing and customs requirements. It is important to support your employees with experts that understand these require­ments and what can and cannot be included in their international shipments so that your employees arrive comfortably to their new home.