With the world becoming more interconnected, gone are the days when companies stayed within the borders, hiring local talent. As the number increases in establishing international offices and its representatives, relocating employees is also on the rise.

Establishing a clientele in one’s own country has become the norm of the past. Even small and medium-sized businesses are engaging in trading overseas, thus the need to hire international staff. While employing overseas staff, there is the necessity to relocate employees to various branches of the enterprise.

Relocating employees to places is quite a process. It is not only about shifting an employee to a new place; there are several necessary and important steps involved. As an employer, you have to bear in mind that it needs to be as stressless as possible for your employee.

If you are one of the companies that need to relocate employees or employees to a new place, this blog can be helpful for you. WHR Group, Inc., specializing in employee relocation, has shared five essential tips for moving employees to another location.


5 Tips For Relocating Employees

Relocating employees is not only a daunting experience for the employee but the employers too. While the employee can be excited about going and settling down to a new place or heavy-hearted to leave the family and move, the employer has much more responsibility when moving an employee to a new office in a new city, state, or country.

There are five key factors according to WHR Group, whose team together combines 100 years of leadership experience in corporate and government employee relocations (domestic and international).

1. Time Needed

Moving to a new place is time-consuming, with all the planning and preparations. It becomes more so when an employee needs to be relocated to a new country. In addition, there are logistics like visas, shipping, custom fees and clearances, transportations.

Also, apart from these logistics, there are legal angles to it too. For example, if your employee needs a work permit, you have to prove that your company has an office in the place of destination. As an employer going through all these and the paperwork associated with it can be pretty challenging and time-consuming. Also, as an employer, you have to consider providing your employee with an appropriate relocation package, which is another concern regarding taxes.

While employers deal with all these, the experience is daunting for the employee, who has to run back and forth to get various factors to relocation sorted.

Hence, it is advisable to start the process early so you have time to complete all those or hire a professional who will take care of it all.

2. Adjusting Time

Moving to a new place from the old one is tough, and it gets more challenging when the culture, food, and language change. For instance, if you move your employee from the US to the UK, it is comparatively easy on the person. But if you move someone from India to China, the challenges just begin once the employee reaches the place.

So, as your employee needs the time to adjust to the significant culture, language, and food, chances are the person’s productivity will suffer. It is then advisable that you train your employee in what to expect and encourage them to learn about the new place.

A professional relocation team can advise you on ways to move forward with the moving and policies that need to be taken care of.

3. Taxes

Moving the employee to another country means changes in taxation policies, not only for your employee but your home company and the site of your business in the destination. Company tax in itself is confusing to a layperson, and it is also something that you as an employer cannot take lightly.

It is time you speak to a company tax lawyer of your home country and the employee’s destination to see how it will be affecting both of you. Then, understand and work towards ways that will benefit your company and employee.

An experienced relocation company can help you with all these within the relocation package without any added expense of hiring a lawyer.

4. Cost of Living

Adjusting your employee’s income as per the new country’s cost of living is essential to living everyday life in the destination country. While online resources are there, you can find out the cost of living for a specific destination to compensate them fairly.

Costs are generally higher for expats as they seek to find the same goods and services available in their home county, but undoubtedly, they are priced higher in a “foreign” location.  Expats learn over time how to replace home country products with similar or like host country goods and services.

A professional company working in the field of relocation and in the destination where your employee is going is better suited to provide you with the expenditure the employee is looking into.

5. Hire A Professional

When you transfer your employee to a new destination, you want to uphold the industry best practices, give them the right relocation package and prepare them well for the new place. An international employee relocation company like WHR does all these and much more.

Companies like WHR maintains benchmark studies and analysis to help the employee and employer better. They use technologies that allow them to assist you online and give you an estimated cost and time needed for all the proceedings so you will not be late with the relocation or dig a hole in the company funds.

Finally, you will also get the final report about the move to your portal, customized as per your need.

Final Words

As you prepare your employee for the relocation, you should simultaneously contact an expert relocation organization like WHR Group to take care of all the necessities. A professional company that helps move employees to another location comes with providing the best relocation experience for the employee and the employer because they have experience in the field. They are also professionals in the business, so they know how to navigate and save time and money for the employer, thus making it an affordable and cost-effective option. Also, if you are looking for consistency in relocating employees, WHR group and their likes can do that in domestic and international space.

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