Relocating employees to the US

Is your organization relocating employees to the US? HR, global mobility, and talent acquisition teams are expected to guide employees through this process and provide key resources. Some of the greatest resources an organization can provide to that employee are free or low-cost mobile phone apps. From language training to hotels, travel, and more: here are 10 must-have apps you should recommend when relocating employees to the US.

Social Apps for Employees Relocating to the US


InterNations is a global community for people who live and work abroad. It’s the largest network of its kind, with around 4 million members in 420 cities worldwide. InterNations offers networking and socializing both online and in person. InterNations members can attend events, participate in forums, and receive tips and advice on expat life. InterNations also offers an Expat Insider survey that ranks countries and cities. In 2023, Mexico was ranked the best place for expats.


Meetup is a social networking site that allows people to find and join groups based on their interests. Meetups are informal meetings or get-togethers for people with similar interests. Meetups can be in-person or virtual, and can take place in places like cafés or parks. There are no membership fees to join Meetup, which makes it an excellent app for expats to build their new friend groups and social networks. 

Language App for Employees Relocating to the US


Communication App for Employees Relocating to the US


Hotel & Travel App for Employees Relocating to the US

Headquartered in Amsterdam, is an online travel agency that connects travelers with a wide variety of places to stay. The company was founded in Amsterdam in 1996 and has over 28 million accommodation listings. offers discounts on hotels, flights, car rentals, taxis, and attractions. This is extremely useful for expats who are left for themselves to book hotel stays on short notice, or rental vehicles during their preview trip and temporary housing. 

Transportation Apps for Employees Relocating to the US

Uber & Uber Eats

When employees are relocating to the US, ride-hailing apps such as Uber are cost-effective solutions to getting to and from hotels, temporary housing, apartments, and homes. Furthermore, when expats are tired and jet-lagged from travel, they can order a plethora of food and other products on Uber Eats from the comfort of their hotel or temporary housing.


Similar to Uber, Lyft provides ride-hailing, rental cars, and food delivery in the United States and Canada. Lyft offers a marketplace where drivers can be matched with riders through the Lyft app. Lyft also offers other transportation options, such as motorized scooters and bicycle-sharing. Lyft offers ride booking, payment processing, and car transportation services. Lyft can be a fantastic alternative when there is a spike in price, or lack of availability through Uber. 

Mental Health App for Employees Relocating to the US


After death and divorce, it’s said that relocating is the third most stressful event in a person’s lifetime. Headspace is an app that offers guided meditations, courses, and mindfulness exercises on topics like stress, anxiety, and building resilience. The app aims to improve concentration and mood, and reduce anxiety. Offering hundreds of meditations, sleep sounds and music, focus music, and mood-boosting workouts, Headspace is an excellent mental health tool for expats who need to slow down and breathe. 

Home Goods App for Employees Relocating to the US

Amazon Prime

When expats need something delivered on short notice to a hotel, temporary housing, or unfurnished home, Amazon Prime can be an excellent and cost-effective solution. Some assignees may choose to bypass their household goods shipment altogether and purchase everything at their destination with a furnishings allowance. From TVs to furniture, cleaning supplies, and more, Amazon Prime is an excellent way for expats to furnish their new homes or deliver an essential item to temporary housing.

Self-Move App for Employees Relocating in the US


SimpleMove is a free, online platform developed by WHR Global. It can be used by: (1) employees relocating themselves within the US; (2) HR and talent acqusition teams who want to a self-move or lump sum solution for US relocations; or (3) established global mobility programs who want a cost-effective solutions for US relocations.

The largest financial benefit is a tax-free, cash-back rebate paid to the employee when they sell or purchase a home through a SimpleMove real estate agent. The rebate, paid after closing, is based on $5 USD per every $1,000 USD of the sale or purchase price. There is no cap on the rebate amount; For example, a $300,000 USD home sale or purchase will provide the relocating employee with a $1,500 USD rebate. This is in addition to accessing WHR Global’s network of moving companies, rental agents, temporary housing providers, mortgage lenders, and other helpful resources within the platform.

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