Workforce Mobility

Workforce mobility or employee relocation generally refers to the processes involved in transferring employees from one location to another. Workforce mobility could involve global international relocation, domestic relocation, and government relocation.

Before an employer can decide whether to relocate an employee, many things would have to be considered. Relocation might occur because of a company opening other branches for expansion. An employee may also decide to relocate based on career development and advancement. Some companies expand their search for candidates globally so that they can find the right talent for the role.

Good employee relocation benefits should include pre-decision counseling, departure and destination assistance, and a lot more. However, before relocation, there are several questions that the employee might ask to decide if they are making the right decision or not. In this article, we aim to answer a few of these frequently asked questions that usually pop up before a big move.

Frequently Asked Questions by Employees when Relocating a Business

Receiving the news of a business relocation can be disruptive as well as disturbing for any employee. Even if the move is for a higher position, there may be some level of doubt and uncertainty in the employee’s mind. A move can be personal as it affects all facets of the employee’s life. So, it is not uncommon to have questions.

Here are some of the FAQs and our attempts at answering them.

What type of relocation assistance will the employer provide?

There is usually no singular answer to the relocation assistance that an employee would get. The services provided could vary according to grade level and length of stay.

However, at WHR, we offer relocation management services that include packing and unpacking, loading, and unloading, rental assistance, spousal career counseling, educational counseling, legal services, immigration services, tax services, tenancy management, and several other benefits. These services, however, vary based on the grade level of each employee.

Is the move short or long term?

Before taking this giant leap, it is essential to know how permanent the move would be. Would the action be short or long-term? Is the timing favorable to my family and me? If the company has offices worldwide and they tend to move members of staff periodically, the relocation might be short-term.

How stable is the company?

Before relocation, one should find out about the company’s growth rate, inquiring about its plans. Do those plans align with your plan as an individual? It is also essential to know the company’s contingency plans and how well you can grow your career while in its employ.

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