Expat Assignment

Living the life of an ex-pat is a dream for much corporate staff. Moving abroad can be a life-changing experience, especially when you start on the right foot, or it can go wrong and turn from a dream fantasy to a purebred nightmare. Deciding to work with WHR means you get to avoid the downsides that affect many people and gain valuable benefits you cannot get anywhere else.

FAQ Expat Assignment

What Are The Benefits Of Having Expatriate Assignments?

Companies have a lot of growth opportunities when they can support an international market. However, many businesses do not know what it takes to move an employee abroad and whether they can afford to support their lifestyle and still support better productivity.

WHR works with two major companies – Fortune 500 and government agencies. We also work with firms that are not within these two constraints but still need our services. Our history on the job has exposed us to many different things that influence a company to have an ex-pat; hence we know when one is making a good business move, vs. when they are taking a gamble and could lose a massive chunk of their investment.

Our relocation services are more than just hiring a moving company to put your office staff and individual staff on a plane. In a complex chart, we strategically look at timelines, finances, and resources, among other variables, to understand whether you are making the right move. You will be making a good move if you are confident you will realize the following benefits:

  • A broader and tighter network with the locals abroad
  • Easier time to teach local staff methods, expertise, and processes that offer more benefits to your company

What Are Some Risks Of Managing Expatriates On International Assignments?

High Expenses

Moving abroad is likely the most expensive undertaking you will ever have, and it easily surpasses other services like health insurance.

Complex Work Routine

Your internal HR team is probably unaware of how to deal with things like visas, selling a home, and tax equalization, which is why you need an independent company like us to do all the paperwork.

Poor Expat Choice

There is a right way of choosing an ex-pat, and one of them is making sure they have a knack for easy integration into new cultures and locations. Our role in this scenario is to make every person involved be better acquainted with the upcoming duties. We want to make the staff look competent to their boss and for the boss to look like they are in control of things when they report to the giant boss. 

Should You Involve Us In Managing International Assignments?

Taking a job abroad or assigning an ex-pat means you are also taking on more responsibilities and should have the proper financial and technical support to ease the move. An ex-pat assignment is an opportunity for a fresh start, and we want to help you develop the right social and professional network to get the best opportunity in a foreign land. Contact us online to book personalized consultations on how our HRM helps manage expats.