Download Your Sample Relocation Policy Grids!

Navigating through relocation policies and what to include or not include can be tricky. Tiers are a common feature of relocation policies allowing people to receive the right benefits. A sample Relocation Policy Grid provides everything you need to create your tiers.  The WHR Global relocation policy template has clear-cut options for you to consider.

No matter how you structure your relocation policy grid,  be sure you cover every possible aspect that might match your employees’ needs, including:

WHR Global Sample Policy Template

  • Homeowner tier benefits
  • Renter tier benefits
  • Lump sum tier
  • Household goods move only
  • Temporary Housing
  • Destination Services
  • Vehicle shipment
  • Storage costs/expenses
  • Countless more categories are covered – plus tiers! 

One of the challenges of shaping your tiers and categories is deciding what is essential. You might have a bunch of categories, but how do you decide who gets what? Then how many different levels should you have? The sample employee relocation policy grid will solve a lot of these concerns. If you need a more professional solution or have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact WHR Global and our team of experts.