Sample International Relocation Letter Template

Have you been stuck crafting a relocation letter for an internationally relocating employee? This sample International Relocation Letter includes everything you need to get started:

    • Basic international relocation offers terms and conditions
    • Tax explanation and the implications an international relocation poses
    • Certain reimbursement procedures
    • Possible benefit offerings
    • Management incentive plan
    • Home country housing
    • Host country housing
    • Travel reimbursement costs – especially airfare costs
    • Cost of living adjustment (COLA) provisions
    • Option to add in miscellaneous line items

This international relocation letter template accounts for all the top scenarios that come up. The experts at WHR Global have spent time thinking through all the nuanced details so you can plug and go. Use our sample employee relocation letter to save time for your business. Ensure your transferring employee is briefed on all variables for his/her relocation.