2023 “Ask an Expert” Global Temporary Housing

Access benchmark data about temporary housing around the globe to improve your corporate relocation program!

Stay ahead of the curve.

Be sure that your benefits offerings are competitive for each country.

Determine the best options for your assignees by country.

Ensure you are offering your employees enough support in their international move!

Covering the Americas, EMEA, and APAC regions.

What can you expect from the Global Temporary Housing: "Ask an Expert!" Report?

    This report provides a comprehensive overview of global temporary housing prices in select cities throughout the Americas, EMEA, and APAC. The report draws on data from experts in the temporary housing industry to provide insights on prices for 1-3 bedroom housing facilities per night and month in different countries and cities across the world. 

    Prices are based on averages effective Q2 2023 and are quoted in US Dollars.

    Why Temporary Housing?

    • A temporary living space is a safe and pleasant place for workers to stay while they seek permanent housing. This can be particularly important for workers who are relocating with their families, as it can provide them with a sense of stability during a time of transition.
    • A temporary living space can also give workers time to explore their new city and locate a permanent housing option that meets their requirements. This can be beneficial for workers who are unfamiliar with the area, as it allows them to locate a place that is in a convenient location and that fits their budget.
    • A temporary living space can also be a cost-effective option for employers. By providing temporary housing for their workers, employers can save on the cost of relocation expenses, such as airfare, hotel stays, and temporary storage.

    Overall, a temporary living space can be a valuable asset for both workers and employers during a relocation. It can provide a safe and comfortable place to stay, give workers time to explore their new city, and save employers money.

    Here are some additional benefits of temporary housing for workers:

    • Reduced stress: Relocation can be a stressful time for workers, and temporary housing can help to reduce some of that stress by providing a familiar and comfortable place to stay.
    • Improved productivity: Workers who are able to settle in quickly and start feeling at home in their new city are more likely to be productive at work.
    • Increased morale: Workers who feel supported by their employer during a relocation are more likely to be happy and motivated in their work.

    If you are considering relocating a worker, I encourage you to consider providing them with temporary housing as an option. It can be a valuable asset for both the worker and the employer.

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