Expatriate Management

WHR Group makes expatriate management easy and affordable. We specialize in Global Employee Relocation and can relocate your talent to anywhere worldwide. Managing international assignments is what we do best, and we do it with your company’s goals in mind. Contact WHR Group today.

Three Important Ways You’ll Benefit from Expatriate Management

  1. Managing expatriates on international assignments requires expertise to keep costs down. Without the right knowledge, your company could be spending a lot more money on expat management than is necessary. Get in touch with our team from WHR Group to find out how we can save you money on the services we provide.
  2. Your assignees will have 24/7 access to our support, regardless of time zone. Additional services we provide include all the following:
  • Policy Consulting and Needs Assessment
  • Expense management and Allowance Payment in Local Currency
  • Tax Service
  • Departure Services
  • Visa and Immigration Services
  • Pre-Decision Trips and Area Overviews
  • Destination Service Assignment
  • Language and Cultural Training
  • Spousal Career Assistance
  • Household Goods and Freight Forwarding
  • Temporary Housing and Interim Services
  • Home Sale Assistance
  • Tenancy Management
  • Lease Cancellation Services
  • Destination Purchase or Rental Assistance
  • Ongoing Assignment Support
  • Repatriation
  1. Your assignees will experience peace of mind knowing that WHR Group is there when they need assistance. We understand that each phase of the relocation process is important to the success of any overseas assignment, regardless of the size of your company or the industry. Preparing assignees for an overseas assignment is crucial for positive mental health. By choosing WHR for your employee relocation program, you can ensure your investment will be a success.

Overseas Assignment Support

Preparing assignees for the future is only the first step; we provide support for expatriates throughout their assignment to final deployment. You’ll find a wealth of information about the services we provide when you explore our website. Feel free to contact someone from our team by phone or email if you have additional questions about our services.