Employee Relocation

The technological era has brought us the possibility to be global. One of the perks of this situation is the possibility of big companies to get international and varied team members. Adding to this, employees now get to change and move to another country or state to implement their careers. That is why we in WHR Group proudly present our employee relocation programs. We have over 25 years of experience, and we offer customized service according to each business about their detailed practices. The types of services we provide are the following: domestic, international, and governmental. Our premier relocating group has helped businesses relocate their members to more than 100 countries.

The key idea of our business is to become a part of your company, temporarily during the relocation program. Our aid will help conjure the best plan and stay during benchmark studies, allowing you to get the best rough estimates while at the same time creating reports of the whole process. As a company, we share the importance of having a team funded with important members that you need to acquire either domestically or internationally. The process can prove to become rather complicated, with changing tax laws, immigration, and visa statutes being constantly renovated on top of the challenges of everyday life. We offer to become a source of knowledge and experience that can guide you through all of it. At WHR Group, we think ahead and predict your employee’s needs and turn that into consistent relocation packages and a structured process for the future.

Our international division takes care of permanent or short-term transfers because we own an extensive network of global suppliers to help with everything covering tax management, personal belongings shipments, house needs, immigration support, and more. Your business looks forward, and with that globalization becomes a key element in the search for the right talent. When connecting with us at WHR Group, you will be provided with daily assistance channels of communication with your employees.

In general, our international services include expense management & allowance payment in local currency, tax service, immigration service, pre-decision trips & area overviews, destination service assignment, language & culture training, spousal assistance, household goods & freight forwarding, temporary housing & interim services, home sale assistance, tenancy management, lease cancellation services, destination purchase or rental assistance, ongoing assignment support, repatriation and much more.

Knowing about our international services is all done, and now we can discuss WHR’s domestic premier services. We pride ourselves on our twenty-five years of experience. The good thing is that we are there for you and your employees in an end-to-end manner, making sure your every need is taken care of. Our U.S. relocation programs support you and your transferees, no matter the location or the duration. Our knowledgeable staff can provide you with the most attentive communication throughout the change. The more relaxed and harmonic the process is, the better they can come to work for you, and we all thrive successfully. Our service offerings for domestic relocations are home sale assistance, expense management & administration, mortgage assistance, household goods moving, temporary housing & interim services, destination counseling, lease cancellation services, pre-decision trips & area overviews, and more.

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