Employee Relocation Services


Expanding your business means managing the relocation of your employees. It does not matter if it’s a domestic relocation from someone in the U.S. to a different state or another country or continent; your team will only get the global vision and diversity you aspire for by doing it so.  At the WHR Group, we know that taking on this process can feel challenging.

That’s why hiring an agency to help you can be the best decision you can make. First of all, we at WHR Group believe that every case is unique, and we adjust our structure and knowledge to your program and work ethic. That way, we can aid in the relocation process that we are so familiar with, and you can focus on growing and bettering your everyday tasks. Not only that but we will also foresee all the different aspects of a relocation move.

We have 25 years of experience in the field. We have gone through all types of situations and provide a list of services that take into consideration all the stages of the relocation. Our work method is beginning-to-end, so we are there for you throughout the development of the plan, until your transferee is working in their new location happily.

The general services include expense management & allowance payment in local currency, tax service, immigration service, pre-decision trips & area overviews, destination service assignment, language & culture training, spousal assistance, household goods & freight forwarding, temporary housing & interim services, home sale assistance, tenancy management, lease cancellation services, destination purchase or rental assistance, ongoing assignment support, repatriation and much more.

At WHR Group, we believe in top-of-the-line customer service. That is why we have seven days a week communication channels available for any question, doubt, or request from one of the transferees. That way, it includes any time zone or location on the planet, therefore guaranteeing guidance all through. Adding to this, having someone who can give you an idea of the different stages and what to expect helps the process become as easygoing as possible. The more relaxed and easy the plan results, the quicker the transferee can go back to work, performing their best.

Therefore, we recommend you to work with us. Not only will you find international and domestic services that take care of all the details of the process, but you can rest assured that we will take your case and create a plan based on your needs, guiding you through all the stages of the process, for your comfort and ease. Our numerous success stories speak for themselves. When this process is finished, and your employee arrives safely, you will find yourself with a new process that you can own and implement in the future as many times as you need, knowing it works.

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