Employee Relocation Agency

Great people make exceptional companies, just as great people make great clients to work for. When it comes to stellar employee relocation agencies, you have to mention WHR Group. Our professional, experienced team has a zeal for our industry, and our clients benefit immensely from our insider knowledge, expertise, and experience. Undoubtedly, it is WHR Group’s people who make our company great! Please, take a moment to meet our team if you haven’t already.  

Founder & CEO: Roger Thrun

You’d be hard-pressed to find a nicer person than Roger Thrun, our founder. WHR Group’s culture reflects the positive attitude and hands-on leadership of Roger, and WHR Group has all the things Roger wishes he would have had more than 30 years ago when he started at Merrill Lynch Relocation Management. Indeed, WHR Group is a culmination of all the best practices and services that have proven most beneficial to our esteemed clients over many years.

President: Paul De Boer

Our president has faithfully carried out the mission and the vision of our founder, and few would be more qualified to do so than Paul De Boer, President of WHR Group. WHR Group’s mission is to provide the best corporate relocation services in the world, bar none! WHR Group’s vision is to be the number one corporate relocation agency globally. Thanks to our dedicated leadership, we are well on the way to realizing that objective.

Paul is second-to-none at strategizing, coordinating, and executing the most minute details of corporate transfers domestically and internationally. With constant innovations in services and technology, such as our proprietary SimpleMove software, WHR Group continues to set the corporate relocation services bar higher and higher.

Chief Financial Officer: Jami Long

Obviously, no Fortune 100 company would hire an employee relocation agency if they didn’t know that said agency had all of their financial ducks in a row. After all, a lot of what companies like WHR Group do involves managing corporate finances. WHR Group is strong in the CFO position, making our company cost-effective and profitable. You can rest assured that WHR Group will provide the same high-quality financial services on your behalf. 

Director of Global Operations: Chris Lagerman

Chris Lagerman has spent two decades with WHR Group and spearheads our global mobility management tasks. Chris orchestrates the excellent service that our clients receive. Like our president, Paul, Chris plays an active role in constantly improving all of WHR Group’s processes related to global mobility.  

Director of Information Technology: Jeff Beyer

Our clients, their employees, and their families always rave about WHR Group’s patented relocation technology that is one-of-a-kind in this industry. Jeff is responsible for many of the most critical workings that the public never sees, such as data security and making sure that WHR Group is compliant with all auditing programs.

HR Manager: Kimberly Uitz

A friendly smile and a cheerful attitude are what you will always get from Kimberly Uitz, our exceptional Human Resources Manager. Kimberly, like Jeff Beyer, is one of the most important people in our company because of the immeasurable work she does. Her work literally keeps us in business. When you see the success and exceptional services of WHR Group, just know that Kimberly Uitz has a lot to do with it behind the scenes.  

Let Us Know How Our Team Can Help Your Company

Contact our friendly and professional team any time to get started or to ask us anything. We are happy to help, and we are certain that you will not regret placing your employee transfers in our caring hands.