2023 “Ask an Expert” Allowances & Per Diems Benchmarking

Access benchmark data about Allowances & Per Diems to improve your corporate relocation program!

Stay ahead of the curve.

Be sure that your benefits offerings are competitive for each country.

Determine the best options for your assignees by country.

Ensure you are offering your employees enough support in their international move!

Covering 96 countries worldwide.

What can you expect from the allowances & per diems benchmark?

As a full-service relocation management company, WHR has an obligation to shape our clients’ policies, ensuring their benefits offerings are supportive of their employees and competitive in the marketplace.

To help clients stay ahead of the curve, WHR turned towards a global pricing database to understand the true cost of living. The database is comprised of 8.8 million price submissions from over 11,000 cities globally.

We hope this guide will help you refine your own benefits offerings, and check the “pulse” of each allowance and per diem you offer employees. If you find a housing or utilities allowance is lower than the average for that country, contact WHR for a free consultation.

Prices benchmarked in this guide, by country, include:
(1) Rental prices for 1 & 3 bedrooms inside and outside of city centers;
(2) Common utilities costs per month;
(3) Local transportation costs, and;
(4) Common meal costs.

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