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Las herramientas que necesita para la gestión de la reubicación de sus empleados y su programa de movilidad global.

gestión de la reubicación de empleados

La gestión de la reubicación de empleados es un sector en constante cambio y evolución. Este efecto dominó es impactante con cada nueva regulación gubernamental o cambio en el mercado inmobiliario. Nuestra caja de herramientas de reubicación pretende satisfacer las crecientes necesidades de los profesionales de la movilidad global. Puede resultar desalentador adelantarse a los acontecimientos o saber lo que está por venir. La Relocation Toolbox ofrece herramientas que cualquiera puede utilizar, desde encuestas interactivas que le proporcionan la información exacta que necesita, puntos de referencia, plantillas de reubicación editables, listas de comprobación y mucho más.

Industry Benchmark Report

Global Mobility + Culture Benchmark Study

global mobility and culture benchmark study

Ask an Expert!

Your company needs to make the best decisions for your transferring employees. With more data you make better decisions. One wrong move, and it can cost you, literally! Let us provide you the most up-to-date benchmarks on all aspects of relocation. From finances to temporary living: WHR Global has you covered.

Informes interactivos sobre el traslado de empleados

Estas cuatro herramientas le permiten responder a unas breves preguntas sobre el programa de movilidad global de su empresa y le enviarán un informe personalizado basado en sus respuestas. Haga clic a continuación para consultar nuestras encuestas interactivas.

Estimación de los costes de reubicación en Estados Unidos

US Domestic Relocation Cost Estimator

Interactive Repayment Agreement

Relocation Repayment Agreement

Diseñador de la política de reubicación nacional

Diseñador de la política de reubicación nacional

Comparación de referencias de reubicación

Comparación de referencias de reubicación

RFP — Relocation Request for Proposal Generator

Relocation RFP Generator

Plantillas de reubicación editables

¿Desea comparar su política actual o conocer mejor la información que debe compartir con un empleado al que hay que notificar su traslado? Utilice cualquiera de nuestras plantillas de reubicación editables que encontrará a continuación para ayudarle con eso y mucho más.

Listas de control y guías

Use our checklists and guides as helpful tools for your relocation program and helping your transferees transition to their new locations.

Transcripción del vídeo


Let’s get started. Hi, this is Roger at WHR Global, and this is “Behind the Move.”

When I think about our core values, we are empathetic, trustworthy, and results-driven. Probably the most important in today’s corporate environment. The pressure that our clients are under to deliver in their individual cost centers and to be plugged into exactly what’s happening with their transfer and knowing the exact spend has never been greater. We deliver that through our technology, we deliver it through caring for our customers, we deliver it through working hard for them every day.

What’s important to know about supplier partners: getting the best, having criteria, screening through them. Once you find them, put a lot of faith in them, train them, and get out of the way. Let them do their jobs, let them know your follow-up plan, have a follow-up plan, make sure you’re on the same team, make sure they reflect your core values of hardworking, empathetic, trustworthy. If they don’t share our core values, we shouldn’t be using them, and we don’t really get the luxury of meeting the transfer face to face. Maybe Zoom or maybe through teams, but it’s really not the same. A real estate agent gets to go across their threshold of their house and be belly to belly and eye to eye. We don’t. That’s why when we find a good agent that makes us look good or a good mover, they’re gold. We keep them, we love them, we’re grateful.

What hasn’t changed: the need to hire great people. At the end of the day, all we do is deliver information on a timely basis and help individuals through a very stressful time in their life. It’s by hiring people that are empathetic, that really care, that have a service-first attitude. That’s why we’ve only lost one customer in 29 years. I hate to even say we lost one, to be honest with you. When I started the company up 29 years ago, I had these two cards under my phone, and the first one says what’s critical to corporate clients: service delivery, cost management, accountability, supporting and training, having great people, train knowing your culture. None of that has ever changed, and this is what it takes to run the customer from a personal thing.

What I want our clients to know is I am forever grateful for your business, and we’re working hard every day to earn it. It doesn’t matter if you’re the first one 29 years ago or you’re a new one this month.

Thank you.

Ask an Expert: Behind the Move!

Roger Thrun

Transcripción del vídeo

“Hi, this is Dave Peters, Client Services Manager here at WHR Global.

A great example of that is we had a large government client who was transitioning the management of their entire relocation program from one department to another. The new department really had no relocation experience at all and didn’t even know their own policy. So, when we were informed of the transition, we reached out to them and offered to do a training program to help aid that transition and to help them understand the relocation process. They were thrilled to have us do this, so we created a 2.5-hour training program for them, essentially a ‘relo 101,’ which trained on every aspect of the relocation process and also on their own policy at the exact same time. We did this once virtually during the COVID shutdowns, and it went over so well that they asked us to do it again. The second time, we flew to Washington DC and did it for them in person, which they also thought was very valuable. It was something that was just a really great value-add for us and to show our expertise as a relocation management company and a partner for our client.

The first thing that you have to understand is our counseling structure. Every transferee is assigned to a counseling team consisting of two individuals who are interchangeable in the process and know every aspect of the transferees’ relocation journey. This is important for transferees because it gives them someone that they can talk to within the process to help them out. In addition to that, we don’t utilize voicemail during work hours, so when the transferee calls in to WHR, they’re going to get to speak to a live person from the team and get their question answered in real time. This is really important for transferees because they’re already going through a stressful enough time, and it gives them the comfort of knowing that whenever they call in with a question, they’re going to get their question answered.

We’re an extremely flexible organization and we tailor our program management to each individual client’s needs. This is done through a comprehensive implementation process where we work hand in hand with our client’s key stakeholders to determine their wants and needs. We use this information to complete a process manual which lays out all the little intricacies of the entire process from counseling to accounting equity and everywhere in between.”

Ask an Expert: Behind the Move!

Dave Peters

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