On March 1, WHR Group, Inc. (WHR) announced its first-ever global training program for its employees. Staff in WHR’s US, Switzerland and Singapore offices now have the opportunity to visit another global office for up to four weeks as part of a multi-year investment in its employees.

 WHR President Paul De Boer said, “It’s critical to provide these global experiences so our employees can understand the impact their work has on transferring employees and families. It also allows our employees to build personal and business relationships so that everyone can understand their unique role and how it impacts the entire organization.”

 As an eight-time recipient of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Top Workplaces award, WHR recognizes the need to increase communications and meaningful interactions between employees in its global offices. Since WHR has three international offices, WHR’s employees require greater experience and collaboration with their American, European, and Asian counterparts. While emails, instant messages, and calls on Microsoft Teams can be impactful, WHR believes positive work cultures and relationships are best cultivated in person. Through this program, WHR hopes to increase its employee retention/engagement and allow employees to take initiatives on a global scale. This new, bi-annual program is part of WHR’s continuous employee satisfaction process.

 Four WHR employees were chosen in March to participate in the first round of the program. From the US office, one employee will train in Switzerland and one in Singapore, while one employee from Switzerland and Singapore each will train in the US office. WHR will support the employees with fundamental travel, housing and other essential costs so that the employees can focus on training activities/interactions with their colleagues. Each employee will also be assigned an in-office teammate at the location they’re visiting. WHR will choose teammates who strongly exhibit WHR’s core values (empathy, trustworthy, proactive, hardworking and results-driven), and who can share extensive local knowledge with the traveling employee.


Interested in joining the global mobility and relocation management leader? View WHR’s open positions at https://www.whrg.com/careers/.  

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