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What is a BVO, or Buyer Value Option, program? The answer is best explained in the context of a traditional Guaranteed Buyout (GBO) program. Under a GBO, the relocation management company orders two home appraisals and simply averages the two to determine a guar­anteed offer. As an example:

        • 评估师A对一名搬迁员工的房屋进行估值,价格为330,000美元。
        • 评估师B对同一房屋的估值为335,000美元
        • 332,500美元被认为是 "GBO"。

The relocating employee then takes the offer of $332,500 and moves to their new location unencumbered by this former home. In turn, the relocation company sells the property in the open market, and you the employer are charged for all the associated real estate expenses upon conclusion of the sale.

雇主可以将房屋出售费用作为 "商业费用",因此,这些费用都不被视为雇员的收入(用于联邦税收)。国税局在税收裁决(2005-74)中验证了这一过程,该裁决专门针对这种类型的房屋出售计划。

What is a Buyer Value Option (BVO)?

Essentially, it is very similar to a GBO with the exception that appraisals are nev­er ordered. Rather, an employee is responsible for listing their home for sale — with marketing assis­tance from the relocation company — and obtaining an outside buyer willing to purchase the home at a fair market value accept­able to the seller, buyer, and relocation company.


Therefore, the Buyer Value Option home sale program pro­vides all the tax benefits to the employer and employee. However, it is incumbent upon the employee securing an outside buyer ready, willing, and able to purchase the property at a fair market value.



Choosing the Right Home Sale Benefit: BVO vs Direct Reimbursement.

WHR Global provides the following BVO support to help your employee sell the home to an outside buyer:

  • 获得两个经纪人的价格意见(经纪人市场分析)。
  • 调和两种价值意见
  • 建议一个上市价格
  • 制定一个全面的营销战略
  • 获得房屋的照片
  • Provide tips to paint, declutter, etc.
  • 协助选择房地产经纪人
  • 获得房地产经纪人的每周反馈
  • 协助合同谈判


  • 房地产佣金
  • 记录费用
  • 转让税
  • 标题支出
  • 公证员
  • 托管费
  • 卖方让步
  • 修理
  • 检查
  • 杂项