WHR Insights: Global Mobility Data Analytics

Make data-driven decisions with our WHR Insights dashboards to improve your talent mobility and employee relocation programs.


Benefits of the WHR Insights dashboard tool:


Mobility & HR Teams need access to real-time data to enhance decision-making, program visibility, & policy changes.



Many global mobility contacts have to run reports themselves — WHR Insights will call out the meaningful trends for you.


Interactive data visualizations allow mobility contacts to adjust their policies on-the-go rather than waiting for quarterly or annual presentations.


Mobility contacts can view estimated budgets vs actual in real time, adjusting specific regions, locations, or benefit tiers.


All dashboards can be custom-branded to company colors and logos to be exported and distributed to internal teams immediately.

Client Testimonials About WHR Insights

How do you utilize WHR Insights?

“I utilize the WHR insights tool to review costs for specific employees. It also helps me track where we are in the process with a transferee, providing valuable insights.”

How has WHR Insights positively impacted your mobility program?

“The insights tool has positively impacted our mobility program by providing detailed cost breakdowns for each employee, helping us make informed decisions. It also streamlines the process, allowing us to efficiently track expenses, manage budgets and review our repayment agreements. Overall, it has increased our program’s transparency and effectiveness.”

HR Analyst, Mobility

Fortune 500 Food & Beverage Company

How do you utilize WHR Insights?

“Mainly for reviewing specific aspects of our relocations, both domestically and internationally, to provide cost analysis and comparisons.”

How has WHR Insights positively impacted your mobility program?

“Insights gives me tools to review trending changes to what offerings are being utilized. It also streamlines access to information I need by removing the middleman.”

What kinds of policy, benefit, or program changes have you made based on data or trends identified in WHR Insights?

“Changes have not been made yet, but we are looking at potential policy updates based on our current offerings and how they are utilized.”

HR Excellence Analyst

Fortune 500 Food & Beverage Company


介绍WHR Insights:为您的全球流动项目提供企业商业情报。

Each year, thousands of relocations feed millions of data points to WHR’s operating system, CARICS. Without guidance and structure, it’s hard to identify which data is important, which data is irrelevant, and which policies & procedures are a bottleneck to your mobility program.

WHR Insights是一个调动工具,可以提高你的能见度,增加你的调动计划的改善速度。在当今竞争激烈的就业市场上,公司需要尽一切努力吸引和留住顶级人才。一个精心设计和执行的员工迁居计划是其中的一个关键方面。

WHR Insights向所有客户免费提供互动式数据可视化,并嵌入到WHR客户门户中。流动性和人力资源团队现在可以立即访问一系列搬迁仪表板,这些仪表板每晚都会刷新新的数据。这些仪表板是手工制作的,以适应您的计划、政策和福利产品,可根据您公司的颜色和标识进行定制,不需要额外费用。



  • 按福利层级、地区或家庭用品运输等组成部分比较的计划总支出。
  • 雇员调查答复,以衡量对服务、技术产品和公司政策的满意度。
  • 启动趋势。
  • 政策例外。
  • 管理预算的使用。
  • Core-Flex组件的利用。
  • 还有一些关键绩效指标,如二级多样性支出、家庭用品保险索赔等。


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