Global Mobility Immigration Webinar: WHR Global & USILAW

Wednesday, February 21st, 2024 at 10 am central time.

Watch and listen below as our panel of subject-matter experts builds awareness around global immigration trends & US immigration reform, including H-1B changes and modernization, compliance, and talent strategy enablement. 

Webinar Speakers

Panelist: Erica Parkhurst,
Global Mobility & HR Shared Services at Amcor.

Panelist: Chris Lagerman,
Head of Global Sales at WHR Global.

Panelist: Anindita Chowdhury,
Founder & Managing Attorney at USILAW.

Panelist: Nan Park,
Principal at USILAW.

Moderator: Ben Cross,

I’m hearing all of this especially your call-outs in North America because I am Amcore Flexibles North America, I work globally, I help globally.

But a lot of the day-to-day care is that US to Canada, US to Mexico, and all throughout all three.

And I have to say I recently had some people have some not so positive experiences across these borders.

So I find it incredibly important to be on top of these items and to understand what our people are doing and being as proactive as possible.

Erica Parkhurst

Global Mobility & HR Shared Services, Amcor

I mean, I think cost is always going to play a factor with trends and strategy when it comes to the, you know, movement of employees.

I do think that trends in corporate mobility are really influenced by a combination of things, right, and wage increases for foreign workers are certainly one aspect.

You know, to a lot of these other topics, we are seeing that legislation relating to immigration, wage requirements, taxation, labor laws are all playing a factor in trends and strategy on where people are sending folks.


Head of Global Sales, WHR Global

This is a slide that’s been shared with us from government sources. This data shares with us from 2012 to 2022 ten years range of information of usage of H1 visas, L1 visas, and J1 visas.

And essentially what this shows us is actual approvals that the USCIS published. So we see in 2021 a significant decline.

And this is not because there was a sudden uptake of denials. No, it’s a decrease of approval or adjudication of cases, I should say, primarily because there was a shortage of staff.

Anindita Chowdhury

Founder & Managing Attorney, USILAW

Sometimes we got so far down into America, North American trends, we want to broaden it up a little bit and see what’s going on in the rest of the world, and we’ll provide a little bit of that.

By no means will we be able to go into all of them, but we’ll have you come to the conclusion of, ‘what are the important reforms that are going on around the world or could be coming up?’

Then we’ll cover a little bit of the wage and diversity matters, and how is this could impact your program, or how is this impacting some of the reforms as well.

Nan Park

Principal, USILAW

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