Employee Relocation Transferee Portal

Obtenez un aperçu de votre voyage de relocalisation avec les solutions de mobilité mondiale de WHR Global.

All-in-one Relocation Platform

Transferee App

Our transferee portal can be accessed from your browser or using the WHR Global app.

All documents, tasks, and communication during the move process can be found in one place – our portal!

Stay organized and in control of your move

In-App Resources

Messagerie instantanée en temps réel

Calendrier des événements

To-Do List for Required Tasks & Documentation

Soumission électronique des dépenses


eForms, Docusign, & Document Repository

Contact Info for Service Partners & WHR Team

Résumé des avantages liés à la réinstallation

Solutions technologiques personnalisées

  • API personnalisées et sites FTP sécurisés.
  • Fichiers d'interface Workday à synchroniser avec votre SIRH.
  • Tableaux de bord personnalisés pour le traitement des prestations.
Notre suite technologique et notre équipe informatique sur place sont disponibles pour répondre aux besoins spécifiques de votre programme de mobilité.


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Empower Your Move, Optimize Your Budget: WHR Global's Self-Directed Relocation Portal

Empower your transferees and control your bottom line with WHR Global’s self-directed relocation portal. Our intuitive platform takes the reins, letting employees take charge of their moves while streamlining the process from pre-assignment to settling in. Say goodbye to mountains of paperwork and scattered communication channels. Now, everything from expense tracking to visa applications resides in one user-friendly hub, saving you time and optimizing your relocation budget.

WHR Global’s self-directed employee relocation portal is a game-changer, offering a user-centric experience that empowers individuals to take control of their relocation journey. With a focus on an optimized relocation budget, this innovative portal ensures cost-effectiveness without compromising quality. The platform’s advanced features streamline the entire relocation process, providing a seamless and efficient experience for both employees and employers. WHR Global’s commitment to excellence extends to the goal of increasing assignee retention, recognizing that a smooth and personalized relocation experience contributes significantly to employee satisfaction and loyalty. By leveraging this self-directed portal, organizations can not only enhance the efficiency of their relocation processes but also foster a positive environment that encourages long-term commitment from their valuable talent.

But the benefits extend far beyond efficiency. By giving your assignees control over their relocation journey, you foster ownership and engagement. Our portal provides personalized resources, cultural insights, and real-time progress updates, reducing stress and boosting confidence. This translated to increased assignee retention, happier employees, and a smoother transition into their new location. So, empower your workforce, optimize your budget, and elevate your global mobility program – all with WHR Global’s self-directed relocation portal.