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Pre-Relocation Services

Your business is global, and we understand that finding the right talent isn’t just a local endeavor. We can help with our extensive relocation service expertise and our independent global partner network of experienced destination service providers (DSPs). WHR Global offers global mobility services so you can efficiently move your employees worldwide.

At WHR Global we are available 7 days a week and are ready to support your assignees whenever they need assistance, no matter the time zone they are in.

Our full experience and service offerings for international relocations include:


Conseil en politique du personnel et évaluation des besoins

Your assignee’s counselor will be available throughout their relocation. It begins with the counselor reviewing the available benefits and completing a comprehensive needs assessment. The counselor coordinates each benefit or service as the assignee’s advocate – setting appointments, confirming status updates, and providing timely updates on each service. The counselor will collect information on the assignee’s needs, address timelines, and work proactively to ensure a smooth relocation.

Voyages pré-décisionnels et aperçus de la région

Your WHR Global counselor can assist the assignee in coordinating a pre-decision trip and area tour to see if the international move is the right choice for that assignee. This includes a needs assessment to assign a destination service provider (DSP). They meet with the assignee during their visit to help address upfront questions about living in the new location, schooling, and beginning the housing search. Following the trip, the counselor will collect the applicable expenses from the assignee for expense reimbursements, as needed.

Budgétisation et estimation des coûts

WHR can estimate each transferee’s total relocation spend based on the approved policy and anticipated expenses through our online estimator tool. These budget estimates can be consolidated monthly along with actual spending to see if we’re on track, if there have been additional expenses, and the total expenditure for the entire program that year.

Services de relocalisation

Gestion des dépenses et paiement des indemnités en monnaie locale

Your assignees have access to a personal web portal, with an online expense entry system. The relocation portal is also available on our free mobile application, where the assignee can access all their data on the go. Assignees can easily upload receipts to submit for reimbursement and receive updates on the status of their expense submission. WHR can send reimbursement deposits to accounts worldwide, giving assignees quicker access to their funds during the transition.

Tax Services

WHR Global counsels international assignees in-house. An external tax partner performs the tax preparation and equalization calculations. Upon request, WHR can make tax payments directly to the relevant tax authorities (as allowed by applicable law), tax equalization payments, and track tax credits.

Services d'immigration

WHR Global counsels international assignees in-house. An external immigration partner will submit the visa and immigration applications. WHR Global’s proprietary technology,  CARICS, assists in this process by tracking timelines and due dates. This includes proactive reporting on upcoming visa and permit expiration dates. This helps mobility and operations teams have enough time to extend assignments and prepare the employee for repatriation or localization.

Destination & Departure Services

We have a global network of fully vetted destination service providers (DSPs) who will work closely with your assignee in their new location. Whether your employee will require help with a housing search, local registrations, school searching, opening bank accounts, obtaining a driver’s license, or finding local amenities. An assigned DSP will be the local expert they need during their integration process.

Formation linguistique et culturelle

Depending on your company and assignee needs, we can help assignees with  language and cultural training. We can match them with a supplier partner who can work face-to-face or virtually and can even set up training with someone who specializes in working with children. Each student will be given an assessment and will work with the instructor to create a customized program with goals to help them be successful with the new language and culture

Aide aux conjoints

We understand that when an assignee moves to a new country, the acclimation process can be complicated for the loved ones they bring with them. WHR Global can facilitate any spousal assistance that may be necessary, from career assistance to acclimation support. We can help them find local expat groups, employment opportunities, volunteer programs, fitness centers, children’s groups, and more.

Articles ménagers et transport de fret

Ensuring the right network is utilized to move household goods results in fewer claims and happier employees, which are critical elements of a reputable global mobility program. WHR Global uses a technology-driven solution called Move Management International (MMI) to assist in managing this process internationally. This technology allows our counselor to select the best-fit forwarder based on cost and estimated transit times. We also have the flexibility to find local agents who will provide a high quality of service and meet the date requirements of each assignee.

Logement temporaire et services intérimaires

We coordinate temporary housing with global supplier partners that must meet or exceed specific service delivery requirements. We work to find options that best meet your assignee’s needs based on their location, commuting distance, family size, length of stay, pets, parking, places of worship, and more. We aim to provide a few unit options to each assignee for their review and allow them to select the best fit. We request temporary housing solutions from multiple vendors in an area to ensure that we are cost-competitive and have multiple options for your assignees.

Gestion de la location

If tenancy management is needed, the counselor will send the assignee information regarding property management services. To effectively assist you and your assignee in obtaining suitable tenants for the rental property, your WHR counselor will recommend a fair market rental value for the property. The counselor will assign the property to an appropriate real estate or rental management sales office and a full-time real estate agent or property management agent. Property management services may also include overseeing any necessary repairs or maintenance contracts related to the rental property, including:

  • Réparations d'urgence
  • Entretien des pelouses
  • Déneigement

La gestion et l'entretien des biens peuvent être administrés que le bien soit occupé ou vacant.

Services de résiliation des baux

Your renters’ needs are just as crucial as your homeowners’. Your relocation counselor can assist with lease cancellations, including a lease analysis and payment processing per your company’s policy and lease terms. Your assignees can simply upload their required documents into the assignee portal or mobile app. As soon as all documents have been added to the portal, the counselor will receive an immediate notification to review and release your assignee’s funds by your company’s relocation policy.

Aide à l'achat ou à la location d'une destination

Depending on location, one of our destination service providers or a local real estate agent will help your assignee identify and obtain permanent housing in their new location. Specific support can include lease and/or offer negotiation. A property condition report with pictures can also be done upon check-in and utility connection.

Post-Relocation Services

Post-Relocation Services Infographic

Tax Assistance Calculations

All relocation payments are coded for tax status purposes in our system according to the most recent IRS guidelines and based on your tax methodology. All tax calculations are processed through an integrated third-party accounting system, which provides annual federal and state tax updates and supports full reporting of all taxable and non-taxable relocation costs. This process has allowed us to maintain an over 99% W2 reporting accuracy.

Our IT team will ensure system interfaces are built and designed to interact and/or interface with your own payroll software solutions. We will coordinate expense transmission directly to your payroll on a pre-set schedule determined during implementation. All disbursement requests include full back-up detail that supports the amount requested. Our in-house expense management system is fully integrated for billing, payroll reporting, and management reporting. We will also customize management reporting to your needs and time frames. We can also provide a year-end summary of relocation costs, taxable and nontaxable payments, and gross-up paid by item to each transferee and your payroll team.

Soutien continu des affectations

We understand that talent is a cyclical process, and that careers do not begin and end with relocation, which is why we provide ongoing talent management and assignment support. This includes preparing the assignee for the move, career management while they are on assignment,  and returning home. For ongoing assignment support, this can be as simple as staying in touch with the assignee and their family to ensure they are adjusting to their new surroundings or coordinating additional services or training as authorized by your company.

Conseil en politique

In today’s job market, it is more important than ever for employers to stand out from the competition. Employee relocation policy consulting is one of our core service offerings. We always look for new and innovative ways to improve our client and transferee processes for a smoother relocation experience. We also track policy trends to ensure you save money while having a competitive, employee-centric program. Our transferee policy consulting is provided free of charge.


We offer full repatriation program management, including program guidance and ongoing talent management recommendations. This ensures your assignees feel welcome, settled, and valued back home. We offer all departure and destination services to assignees making the move back to their home country.


Nous comprenons que chaque client a des besoins spécifiques et uniques en matière de rapports. C'est pourquoi nos rapports sont disponibles à la demande, gratuitement, et en temps réel. Notre technologie exclusive vous offre la possibilité d'établir des rapports sur plus de 3 000 points de données avec des options de personnalisation illimitées. Tous les rapports de votre portail sont entièrement personnalisés en fonction de vos besoins, de vos exigences et des spécifications de votre politique. Si vous avez besoin d'un rapport spécifique, votre responsable du service clientèle (CSM) le mettra à votre disposition le jour même ou dans les 24 heures, sans frais. Une fois votre rapport créé, vous y aurez un accès illimité via le portail client - où vous pourrez le consulter à tout moment.

Nos options de rapport standard comprennent les éléments suivants, qui peuvent vous être fournis par votre CSM selon un calendrier précis :

  • Résultats de l'enquête de mi-processus et de fin de processus auprès des employés
  • Composants de la politique intérieure et internationale par personne transférée
  • Rapport sur la rémunération, avec ventilation des éléments fiscaux/non fiscaux
  • Répartition des activités et des coûts par société/division
  • Tendances en matière de performance
  • Examen de l'évaluation des services
  • Analyse des exceptions à la politique
  • Examen de la situation du marché immobilier
  • Nouvelles initiations
  • Rapports sur les salaires
  • Rapport sur le coût de l'inventaire
  • Récapitulation/examen des mesures à prendre
  • Projections des coûts/actes de régularisation
  • Rapport de satisfaction
  • Aperçu des coûts du programme
  • Rapports d'activité et de coûts exceptionnels

Additional reporting capabilities include performance against KPIs, detailed financial reports, and case-level information. Reports can be provided in Word, Excel, or PDF formats on a pre-determined schedule set during implementation; however, WHR can provide reports in multiple formats depending on your needs. All reports are available in real-time via our client portal, 24/7. This includes access to all key service information, comments, tracking dates, tasks, and documents.

Gestion des exceptions

Our exception approval process is entirely handled online. Your client services manager (CSM) will summarize the request and potential costs and make a recommendation. The exception is then sent to the designated contact at your company via email for their review and approval or denial. You can add notes or defer approval to an internal stakeholder, all without logging into the online portal.

Our proprietary technology, CARICS, allows for complete visibility into the trends of your exceptions. Your CSM will review all approvals and denials weekly. As trends become apparent, they will discuss program strategy and recommendations

Études de référence

WHR provides, at no charge, multiple benchmarks of our client’s policies every year against current best practices and trends. We believe the best way to stay updated on trending relocation services is to research ourselves. Our benchmark studies can include industry-specific, regional-specific, and international relocation trends. Every benchmark offers insight into areas of your policy for consideration regarding cost-saving initiatives and policy revisions based on current market trends.

Our “Ask an Expert” benchmark series covers data from countries all over the world regarding Destination Service Providers, Temporary Housing, Allowances, and Per Diems. Download them in our Relocation Toolbox to see how your current policies compare.

Analyse du coût de la vie

WHR can coordinate a Cost-of-Living Analysis (COLA) report that includes a city-to-city comparison covering housing, utilities, goods, and services. COLA analyses are ordered either through client-directed vendors or WHR’s preferred vendors. Each COLA is audited to ensure location and policy match before disbursement

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