Aide gouvernementale à la réinstallation

Government or federal relocation assistance is created to cater to the needs of government agents who want to move from one location to another due to their job change. With the help of our division, known as the Government Relocation Group (GRG), your relocation is made seamless and hassle-free. A federal or government relocation program often includes moving assistance among other things.

Trained Professionals Stand Ready

In our employ, we have the services of well-trained and seasoned professionals whose sole purpose is to leave you satisfied. Our team at GRG is filled with highly trained individuals who give their best to the organization. Our electronic security measures are high-tech and top-notch. With our identity protection procedures, each employee is serviced according to their individual security needs.

We have mandatory government training modules for all our staff members. These modules are refreshed on an annual basis to keep up with changes. We ensure that staff members understand everything they need to know about your public program’s relocation.

Aperçu de notre service de relocalisation des administrations publiques

We have the services of professional and compassionate moving consultants. They are there to help you throughout the entire moving assistance process. We have experienced counselors who are courteous and friendly. Our customer care officers keep you abreast of everything. They are always available to answer any questions you might have and resolve your complaints.

WHR Here to Help

Our high-tech equipment will allow you to track where your belongings are at any point during transportation. With WHR, you are assured of quality service. We can help, whether you are looking for a program to help move out of state or relocate overseas. You can rest assured of our coverage as a quality government relocation assistance service.

We have a formidable team of professionals who are always on deck ensuring that your move is seamless and hassle-free. Our government relocation assistance is second to none.

Are you in need of government relocation assistance? Do you have questions about our moving assistance program services?

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