Sustainability and Global Mobility Webinar:

Wednesday, April 3, 2024 at 10 am central time.

Watch and listen as our panel of subject-matter experts build awareness around sustainability in the global mobility industry.

Webinar Speakers

Panelist: Jeff Heisler,
President, Home Sweet Home.

Panelist: Madison Stanley,
Manager, Global Mobility Projects, Newmont.

Moderator: Kimberly Chacon,
Global Sales Manager, WHR Global.

Navigating Towards Sustainable Mobility Household Goods Shipments Webinar April 2024

“All right, what’s the difference?

So sustainability. This term typically refers to the broader concept of meeting present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet our own needs. It encompasses economic, social, and environmental dimensions.

Now, ESG on the other hand is a framework used to evaluate a company’s performance and the impact in three specific areas, environmental, social, and governance.

It’s more focused on operational aspects of a business and how it manages various risks and opportunities related to these three pillars. Now ESG metrics are more standardized and quantifiable, allowing for easier benchmarking between companies, which we are going to dive into now.

These metrics can include things like carbon emissions, diversity, inclusion policies, or diversity such as women or veteran owned executive compensation structures.”

Kimberly Chacon

Global Sales Manager, WHR Global

“I want to give you a little sense of the scale and scope. So here’s the bottom line. If you look at air freight at the bottom there versus the very large containers, container ships at the top, you’re going to see that on a pound-for-pound basis, you’re looking at, you know emissions that are 150 times higher for air shipments versus sea shipments. So that’s one thing to take out of the slide.

Many years ago, when I first came out of out of college, I actually worked in the steamship industry. And at the time, part of my role was helping to introduce the then-largest ships, which were 10,000 Teus. So fast forward 30 years and we see ships are now almost double the size of capacity.

And what that means is 2 things, obviously, greater efficiency from a cost perspective, but also from a sustainability perspective. The amount of fuel that’s required to move these ships, you’re getting 1.8 times more utilization. It only costs about one point, takes about 1.2 times as much fuel.”

Jeff Heisler

President, Home Sweet Home

“In terms of sustainability, it is a joint effort. We have a great team at Newmont.  So this is just kind of what Newmont does in general.  As far as sustainability is concerned, we lead the way for mining in sustainability. DE and I, you know we are really, really focused, they’re our core values. So we’ve tried to transition this kind of stuff into our program for mobility. We’ve made discard and donate like a core part of our household good mood move benefit. So you can’t actually move household goods unless you have discard and donate at the front end.

We frame it as a concierge service like, hey, we’re going to have somebody come out and, you know, help you organize everything and decide what you want to take and what you don’t want to take to make it easier for you.”

Madison Stanley

Manager, Global Mobility Projects, Newmont

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