VIP Program Employee Relocation Services

High-Touch, White-Glove Services for Your Executives

Your executives can hold a variety of different titles and responsibilities…

But when you approve WHR Global to handle their relocation, you don’t want variety; You want the same white-glove experience every time. Choose from a selection of sustainable and luxury executive offerings to ensure the highest quality relocation experience. All executive moves include an experienced counselor with VIP workflows and the option for a utility concierge who can help setting-up once the executive arrives at their permanent housing.

For multiple executive moves, these selections will be saved into WHR’s system as a new benefit tier (e.g., VIP Tier I), and can be utilized to provide a consistent experience to all future VIP employees.

Premium Relocation Consulting

At WHR Global, we prioritize providing exceptional customer service to every VIP Program relocation. Our experienced counselors with VIP workflows ensure that your executives receive high-touch, white-glove services. Our comprehensive offerings include WHR as a single point of contact and a client-delegated spend authority or approval matrix. With WHR Global, you can expect a seamless and consistent relocation experience for all your VIP employees.

Customer service VIP bonuses include:

  • An experienced counselor with VIP workflows
  • Client-delegated spend authority or approval matrix
  • WHR Global as a true single point of contact for all supplier partners
  • Client Services Manager concierge/benefits add-on

VIP Household Goods Management

At WHR Global, we take the burden off your shoulders and handle every aspect of the household goods move with utmost professionalism. Trust us to make your executive’s transition from point A to point B a success. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive VIP household goods management process.

Household goods benefits include:

  • Discard & Donate, professional organizers to help prepare for the move
  • Moving crew leader on-site during pack, load, & delivery to ensure top-down levels of control during the move
  • An array of supplemental services such as receival assistance or executive unpacking services.

Temporäre Unterkünfte

When decision-making employees need to move quickly, temporary housing can be the best option for their initial arrival. Short-term housing provides more space, and privacy, and is more cost-effective when compared to other time-limiting options. WHR provides your team with several high-quality options to ensure we create the ideal initial experience for your team.

Temporary Housing benefits include:

  • Options pre-approved by client prior to sending employee
  • Stocked groceries/pantry on arrival
  • Gift baskets, complimentary area tours, virtual tours, meet & greets, and more.

Executive Transportation

Enjoy a seamless transportation experience with our premium services. From chauffeur airport transfers to luxurious VIP meet and greets, we ensure a first-class journey for our esteemed guests.

Grant your executive access to:

  • Armored vehicles, providing an unparalleled level of safety and security
  • Experience a warm meet and greet upon arrival
  • Chauffeur services from the airport to your hotel or temporary housing.
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