Corporate Culture refers to the beliefs and behaviors that determine how a company’s employees and its management interact and handle business. Corporate culture is often implied, rather than expressed or defined, and it is something that develops organically over time. A company’s culture reveal itself in a variety of ways from dress code to the treatment of clients.

We’ve seen the results when relocation policies and programs match corporate culture and wanted to see how other companies stack up. That’s why we surveyed some of the largest and most successful companies around the world to participate in the 2018 Mobility + Culture benchmark study. Our unique Culture Guide analyzes each respondent’s cultural values through eight A/B style questions.

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Do you prefer your partners to be High Tech or High Touch?

Is your company’s primary focus on technological advances or on relationship building? Of companies surveyed, 85% prefer to partner with high-touch companies. At WHR Group, we understand that relocating can be stressful on the transferee and their family. We heavily rely on the relationships that we build with our clients and their employees so that we can assist and help them to move forward in the best way possible.

While relationships and person-to-person communication is large component to how WHR handles relocation, technology is the tool that allows us to bring every factor included in the relocation to one destination. Our business is based on a “high-tech, human-touch” model, where we blend our intelligent, proprietary relocation technology with a dedicated team of real estate licensed relocation experts.

Do you primarily focus on budget or employee satisfaction?

When asking companies if they are primarily focused on budget or employee satisfaction, only 13% reported that there is more concern about budget. It’s clear that surveyed companies also understand the stressful nature of relocation and have placed their importance on employee satisfaction in their programs.

At WHR, we also value our employees. This is realized through our 5-time award winning culture in the Top Workplaces program by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. By hiring based off of WHR’s core values, we are able to guarantee the best service you will ever experience, regardless of the industry. Our inherently empathetic employees create high-touch relationships with transferring employees, creating a stress-free relocation experience.

Is your program designed to be proactive or reactive?

Being a “proactive” company means that the corporation actively plans ahead, and they are preparing for the needs of their employees. Of companies surveyed, 67% of them related to this culture. At WHR Group, one of our core values is to be proactive, and this is executed every day. When a transferee’s file is initiated, a call is made within 24-hours to introduce the Counseling team, and to explain what the employee can expect throughout the life cycle of the relocation. The initial call is a critical time to reveal any potential issues, set expectations, and lay the foundation for a smooth relocation.

At WHR Group, we place the utmost importance on culture as it relates to your relocation or mobility programs. We believe this goes hand in hand with our dedication to advancing lives forward.

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