International Relocation Services

There is no form of relocation that is easy. However, it can be more tasking and challenging when the move is outside the country. International relocation isn’t as easy as other forms of relocation as it requires a lot of preparation.  When a business goes global, international relocation becomes unavoidable. WHR global can help your employees with international relocation. We have the services of experienced destination service providers (DSPs) who are available to help.

Our Services

At WHR, we provide you with the services of the most skilled and trusted DSP who take care of every one of your relocation-related issues. We work round the clock and are ready to provide you with the best of services. Our International relocation offerings include:

Employees Policy Counseling

A counselor is there to advise, advocate for and speak on an individual’s behalf. At WHR, you are assured of the services of a counselor for your employees. Each of these counselors will be available and accessible throughout the relocation process. They are readily available to weigh the benefits of each employee’s relocation process and advise them accordingly. They are open to set appointments and confirm status updates and feedback to employees.

Pre-decision Trips

Planning an international move is not a decision that should be made in a hurry. There are several issues to consider. However, taking a precision trip to check out the new location is a great way to put things in perspective.

At WHR group, counselors can assist employees in a pre-decision trip to tour the new location and decide if the International move is the best choice for them.

A destination service provider is always on deck at the other end to help with the tour of the new location, help with house search and search for a good school for the employee’s children.

Language And Culture Training

International relocation could lead to culture and language change. At WHR, we have individuals who have been assigned to help with language and cultural differences and barriers. We also help to set up training on artistic and language barriers.

Temporary Housing Services

When moving to a new country, there would inevitably be challenges in housing and accommodation before the employee can get a place of their own. At WHR, we provide temporary housing and accommodation for the employees. These houses meet with each employee’s family size, length of stay, grade level, and housing preference. We provide various options to each employee and allow them to select which one best suits them.


When making an international move, it is essential to consider that the employee might not be comfortable in the new country or be returned based on several reasons. 

At WHR, we understand this, and we offer complete repatriation program management. We offer all departure and destination services to employees making a move back to their home country.

Destination Service Assignment

With the help of our DSP, your employees will get a smooth running of things. Be it help with housing search, local registration, school search, account opening, stocking up the house,e or finding local amenities, our DSP has got you covered.

Other International relocation offerings include Tenancy management, lease cancellation services, rental assistance, and ongoing assignment support.

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