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It is common now than ever to relocate some of your workforces around the globe to execute projects, move expertise where its need or train an international talent. However, relocating your home, business, or moving across borders with international moving companies online can be a real adventure.

However, you may face many challenges that necessitate global mobility services from the best corporate relocation companies.

If moving within the same city can move your stress level into the red zone, what of an international move? This where we come in as the best overseas movers.

Why choose us?

Friendly services. 

The top corporate relocation companies work closely with clients to customize a moving plan that will work best for them. We give out clients a glimpse of what to expect during the move. We hold no secrets when it comes to our clients. All our services are straightforward and transparent. We will address all your moving concerns before we begin the process.   

We ensure that our clients have the peace of mind that they deserve before and during the move. We will meet and exceed your expectation. 

Cultural fit

We carefully analyze our client’s concerns to determine their needs and align our services towards meeting them. Whether you are looking for a quick-moving solution or are concerned about the packing aspect of the relocation, the best corporate moving companies will approach your issues with the same level of importance. We ensure we do not compromise our services but give you the service you need when you contract our services. We guarantee customer satisfaction.

Arrival window

It is essential to respects the clients’ time. Thus we ensure to start early enough with your movement plans to so that you can reach your destination in time. Furthermore, respecting our clients’ schedules guarantees that we relocate you within your plan.


There are no hidden charges. Instead, we ensure to give our clients the correct moving quote of what you will be paying at the end of the move. Moving is already stressful, thus why we give you precise estimates to provide you with a stress-free experience.


We offer our entire clients complex training programs to give you a vast knowledge about all aspects of moving to your new destination. For example, our movers are trained to pack your items, including delicate objects, carefully. Then, they will safely lift and place them for transportation.

Custom expertise

Your international moving company should be familiar with the regulation and customs formalities of your country of destination. We provide our clients with details about the due fees, such as customs duties and port fees, and the documentation required for a smooth clearance once in your destination country.

Licenses and insurance

Professional overseas movers should help their clients by providing solid insurance advice, including what the insurance covers. We are licensed and insured and take full responsibility for your belongings when we reach your doorstep to your destination.

We pride ourselves on helping our clients have a stress-free move. So call us today for an effortless, trouble-free process.

Please contact WHR Group Employee Relocation at 1-800-523-3318 to explore our services.

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