About Us

WHR Group initially began as an appraisal management company but has since grown into one of the industry's top global talent management companies. In the past year alone, we have helped our clients relocate their employees to over 100 different countries. We partner closely with Human Resources and Relocation departments of some of the largest, most demanding and complex global organizations, from Fortune 500 businesses to the U.S. Government.

Quality. Our commitment since 1994.

WHR Group was founded on a promise to provide relocation services with an unmatched level of quality. 

Culture of industry-first leadership.

Our commitment to quality means that we do more. Leaders lead, and we have led many “firsts” by setting industry standards on service, including:

  • A no-voicemail, live-person answering policy during office hours
  • A “first-call” commitment to getting you the answers you need, on the first phone call
  • Mid-Process quality assurance tests to ensure on-time performance for transferees and 98% service satisfaction, year over year
  • Using the globally accepted Net Promoter Score™ model to measure both client and transferee loyalty 

Systems built to ensure the best relocation service. And we can prove it.

  • Purpose-built systems created for the unique needs, flexibility, and demands of the world’s most respected companies
  • Your reports, your way. Reports can be constructed from over 3,000 data elements, and customized to your unique policy requirements, all within 24 hours.
  • Secure, real-time access to your data, performance reports, and satisfaction scores, backed by industry-leading SOC 1® protection

Ethics you can stand behind.

  • An "open door" policy. We always work in our clients' best interests.
  • Revenue model flexibility—choose your fee structure confidently.

Operational quality.

  • Staff intentionally selected and continuously trained to ensure high quality, high performance, and—above all—high empathy
  • Over 99% W-2 reporting accuracy, year over year

Flexibility and cost savings.

  • Our company independence means flexibility with third-party suppliers in your relocation program—we will honor your existing partnerships or explore our rigorously evaluated Global Partner Network
  • Our Client Choice Model is uniquely positioned to drive the revenue structure that works for you and the network discounts that save you money

Relocation Program Health Assessment

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