About Us

WHR Group Inc. is a 23-year leader in the global relocation industry dedicated to advancing lives forward for employers and their employees. We are a private company founded on the industry need to offer cost-effective relocation benefits without compromising empathy, ethics, and service. This belief forms the basis of our “high-tech, human-touch” business model, blending modern relocation technology with a highly trained, dedicated team of relocation experts driven by quality.

What's Different about How We Help Our Clients Relocate Their Employees.

  • We offer a 100% money-back guarantee if any service is delivered short of our promise
  • We focus on long-term relationships:
    • 40% of our annual sales come from our original clientbase
    • Millions of dollars are saved annually by our long-term clients (Our biggest client has saved over $200 million dollars since working with us in 1995)
    • We offer annual benchmarking and ongoing policy consulting at no charge to keep clients’ relocation programs working in their best interest

Our History of Quality.

WHR Group was founded on a promise to provide relocation services with an unmatched level of quality. Building on this promise has allowed us to diversify our capabilities and assist Fortune 500 companies, U.S. government agencies, and companies that relocate fewer than 10 employees per year.

Industry-First Leadership.

Our commitment to quality means that we do more. Leaders lead, and we have led many “firsts” by setting industry standards on service, including:

  • A no-voicemail policy during office hours, meaning you and your employees will always reach someone when they call
  • A first-call resolution commitment, so you and your employees never have to wait for the answers to your questions
  • Required real estate salesperson licensure for all U.S. Domestic-facing Relocation Counselors
  • Mid-process and end-of-process employee surveys to ensure 100% satisfactory relocation experiences

Relocation Program Health Assessment

Request a free assessment of your relocation process.

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