Advancing Lives Forward

We like to think of ourselves as a customer service company that happens to specialize in relocation. Learn how our solutions can help you attract, retain, and mobilize top talent across the globe.
Procuring relocation services is a delicate balance of reducing costs without compromising service and quality. Explore our most cost-effective offerings for keeping relocating employees happy.
We understand the commitments and constraints of relocating government assignees to new duty stations. See how our government relocation team specializes in assisting your unique needs.

About WHR Group

WHR Group helps companies relocate their employees to new opportunities all over the world. With an over 20-year history of offering innovative solutions for clients and concrete results for their top talent, we look to the future, helping every transferring employee feel at home in their new location—not just relocated. That’s why our corporate vision is “Advancing Lives Forward,” so no one feels left behind.


You can feel the warmth of her caring across the country and through email, and that is an unusual joy during what can be a stressful transition...

" -- Annelisa